Finding the missing piece inside

A psychic shares her insight into having the relationship of your life!

Book Cover: Finding the missing piece inside
ISBN: b086h6wr12

Relationships are sometimes difficult to navigate. We were not all raised with the same "relationship rulebook", if we were, things would be much easier. We also were not given the same tools by our parents about how to love ourselves. These are a few of the things I will be focusing on in this book. You will find exercises and tools to transform the way you look at relationships and love... especially how you create love yourself first. Through my work as a psychic medium over the past three decades, I have channeled messages for thousands of people worldwide. I was guided to write this book to help more people love themselves and in the process, attract healthy and loving relationships.

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Reviews:Missy Richardson on wrote:

This is a great little book that deals with helping to heal your relationship with yourself. It is amazing how our relationship with ourself impacts our relationship with others. If we.don't love ourselves how can we truly love another? I grew up in a home with no love or outward show of affection between my parents and for the longest time I didn't know how to accept affection from anyone. I also didn't know how to show affection for anyone. So, having this little guide would definitely have helped me years ago.

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