Connect to the other side

When our loved ones cross over it can leave many unanswered questions and unresolved feelings. A mediumship session with Pandora will connect you to those you are missing and bring a sense of peace and understanding.

Pandora describes what she sees, hears and feels in great detail to prove her connection to your loved ones. She is an evidential psychic medium who is honored to do this work.

We all have ideas of what our loved ones in spirit do on the other side – Pandora will help you to understand. The messages from your loved ones are quite specific, sometimes sharing a favorite story or event to make you smile, the foods they miss or talking about the people they have reconnected with since crossing over.

Due to the nature of this type of session and the energy preparation she does to be able to connect with your loved ones, the minimum is 50 minutes.

If you have urgent need for a session within the next 24 hours, please choose the Priority Mediumship option below.

Mediumship sessions can be done for multiple people in the same family or friend group, see the options on the drop down menu below.

** All sessions are currently done by phone only due to the pandemic.

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