I was guided to create this deck by my spirit team on the other side. As a psychic medium, I get messages all the time. My life is focused on helping people. Through the creation of this deck, I feel I will be able to reach and help more people grow. 

I meditated, received messages from loved ones in spirit and started creating. Throughout the deck, I honor those on the other side through symbols, images, phrases, etc. 

The descriptions of the cards in the downloadable guidebook have a bit of lightness about them, as I strive not to take life so seriously. As a cancer survivor, I have found that a positive attitude is everything! 


Bright colors, my dragonfly (signifying transformation) and many images that will bring a smile to your face are what you will find in this 44 card oracle deck. I have a practice of choosing a card of the day and share videos on my social media. This deck is perfect for a card a day or card when you need it system. I would love for you to connect with the deck intuitively and create spreads on your own, such as a past-present-future spread or a spread to understand how to release something that is weighing you down.

44 cards, 3.5″x5″ in a custom tin box.



What is an oracle deck?

Oracle decks are like tarot cards, but much simpler. You don’t have to place them in a certain way, or memorize their meanings, or know what they all mean together or when pulled in a certain order.

You just shuffle the deck, pull the card or cards that feel right, and read what they say. You can organize them in a spread, but you don’t have to. There are no rules.