Pandora’s Box of Cards oracle deck now available

Pandora’s Box of Cards oracle deck – Now Available!

First, as an avid collector of oracle decks, tarot, playing cards and all sorts of divination tools, Pandora’s inspiration guide led her to create a deck of her own! Combining her knowledge of the chakra system, crystals, gemstones and affirmations, she added depth to each card meaning. The descriptions are written from her creative, playful tone.

Meanwhile, during the creation of the deck, Pandora was led to include things that reference some of her loved ones in spirit. She is sure you will have a good time figuring out which cards are more personal cards to her. The process has been fun and exciting!

Therefore, autographed copies of the deck are available now on Etsy or get a digital copy on the Deckible App

Ultimately, Pandora’s Box of Cards is here to offer you guidance, whenever you need it.

Purchase here as well!

Breathe, shuffle and choose a card for the moment you are in.